is the expert discussion platform with the participation of the largest UN entities, the public sector and the business community on sustainable development and expanding inclusion.

Strategic partners of the Forum:

World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only global international organization dealing with the rules of trade between nations and promoting the development of international cooperation on economic issues.
The United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) is an autonomous research institute within the UN system that undertakes interdisciplinary research and policy analysis on the social dimensions of contemporary development issues.
The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) provides innovative learning solutions to individuals, organizations and institutions to enhance global decision-making and support country-level action for shaping a better future.
Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) is a global, business-driven alliance through which private sector companies, employer federations, international organizations and thoughtleaders work together to fuse the connection between education and employment through work-based learning.


has been held at the Palais des Nations since 2012 in advance of the United Nations Human Rights Council session. More than 1,600 participants from 54 countries attended the international event in the meantime. Over the 10 years, sustainable partnership has been developed between representatives of all public institutions.

#INFOCUS agenda:

The current corona crisis has made the world to take a new look at what inclusion is. The humankind has gained invaluable experience in how to maintain social cohesion in times of lockdown and social distancing. This could be a new stage in expanding inclusion at the global and national levels.

The Online-session of the #INFOCUS Forum 2020 will focus on developing universal approaches and finding effective technologies for expanding inclusion. The key UN Entities, NGOs, socially oriented businesses and youth leaders will take part in the event.

One of the main heroes of the Online-session will become the #INFOCUS Youth Ambassadors. These are socially active young people, who live in different cities, belong to different cultures and nationalities.  However, they are all united by one mission to contribute to the creation of the inclusive environment where everyone will have equal opportunities and rights.  By taking part in public socially significant events, organising meetings with representatives of local educational institutions, authorities and the mass media, the #INFOCUS Youth Ambassadors contribute to understanding of how the creation of an inclusive society helps solve one of the key problems of today - the problem of inequality in all its forms. 

The leading experts in the field of sustainable development and social inclusion will become mentors for young innovators. The experts from UN Entities, top-managers of companies, prominent public figures will express their opinion on the main topical issues of the #INFOCUS: 

  • How to contribute to the inclusion development in terms of lockdown and social distancing.  

  • How to use social technologies, created within the lockdown, to reduce the social isolation of children and young people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups in everyday life.

  • How can the youth contribute to the SDGs and make a difference in local communities.

  • How to promote continuity and accessibility of education and maintainance of workplace in terms of crisis.

Key topic of the #INFOCUS:

Inclusion development within the lockdown and social distancing to achieve SDGs.

#INFOCUS unites:

NGOs and public authorities that are looking for interesting ideas, efficient tools and cases, practical approaches and new partnerships.

Large corporations and medium business that are interested in promoting their own projects on creation of the inclusive corporate environment and supporting of inclusive volunteering.

Social entrepreneurs who are ready to spread their energy, innovative community focused ideas and unique experience within the society we live in.

The scientific community that is considering the issues of social transformations and is interested in social transformations in the field of education.
Volunteers who are implementing projects in the field of creating an inclusive environment.

#INFOCUS Forum presents:

innovative practices that are effectively implemented in society  
wide outreach to the audiences of participants, partners and investors  
leading experts in the field of sustainable development and expanding inclusion  

Working languages of the​​ #INFOCUS Forum: Russian, English.

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