Inclusive Social Transformations Forum

December 2-3, 2020
available anywhere, online

Key event at the United Nations in Geneva dedicated to the inclusion

December 2-3, 2020
available anywhere, online

Innovative forum in support of SDGs

December 2-3, 2020
available anywhere, online

#INFOCUS is the expert discussion platform with the participation of the largest UN entities, the public sector and the business community on sustainable development and expanding inclusion.

The Forum is for people and organisations that generate social innovations and implement inclusive practices

The choice of the key topic of the Forum was made for a reason. One of the main problems of modern society is the lack of communication and understanding between people that emphasizes the relevance of the creating of the inclusive environment. Speaking of inclusion, we should understand that this is about the joint efforts of two parties interested in communication, interaction, and mutual understanding.
Olga Zubkova,
Chairwoman of the Organising Committee of the #INFOCUS Forum

This conference provides us with a valuable occasion to thoroughly explore the challenges and opportunities for the inclusiveness programmes aimed at improving the quality of life of the vulnerable groups, as well as to consider how such programmes, already being successfully implemented in some countries, can be replicated in other parts of the world.
David Chikvaidze,
Chef de Cabinet of the Director-General of United Nations Office at Geneva

# The mission that the Forum
sets up is to contribute to the construction of the inclusive society, which is connected with the development of social relations, social partnership and the formation of social capital.
# The main aim of the Forum
is the development of universal approaches and searching for effective technologies for expanding social inclusion with the participation of all public institutions: educational institutions, NGOs, business, and government.
# Key topic of the #INFOCUS Forum
The role of social inclusion in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
Support for people with disabilities
Major topical issues
Intergenerational relationships
Major topical issues
Corporate volunteering
Major topical issues
Inclusion in education
Major topical issues
Cross-cultural integration
Major topical issues
Inclusive volunteering
Major topical issues
Gender equality
Major topical issues

#INFOCUS Key experts

Tatiana Valovaya
The United Nations Office at Geneva
Olga Zubkova
National Association for Education Development “Notebook of Friendship”
Nadezhda Ivanova
Agency for Strategic Initiatives
Einar Bjørgo
The United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
Dominic Pinkney
London Employer Supported Volunteering Network
Mihoko Kumamoto
United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
Ekaterina Pogodina
Johnson & Johnson
Daniela Bas
The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)

All Experts

Why the forum can not be missed
Real practices and technologies
Intersectoral collaboration
Inspiring success stories
Interactive formats
Business visits in the very centre of the UN

Feel the atmosphere of the Forum: see the feedbacks and photos of past years

Reviews of the participants

Irina Zhukova
Director of Sustainable Development and Corporate Programmes at Philip Morris Sales and Marketing, LLC
The Conference was held amazingly! The most important thing that we have seen here is the content part, which was organised at a high level. We have learned a lot, we an opportunity to share our practices, and this is what we did with great pleasure.
Dominic Pinkney
Chief Executive Officer of Works4U, Chair of London Employer Supported Volunteering Network
The presentations of the Russian projects are extremely interesting and I was very pleased to hear about different ways companies are supporting charity and other organisations in Russia.
Stepan Kuzmenkov
Senior adviser, Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the UN and other International Organisations in Geneva
Our goal is to bring our ideas into the world and gain recognition through the tools of civil society. The Conference is another step forward in affirming our ideals and principles.
Wendy Osborne
Chief Executive, Volunteer Now
The Conference provides the platform to raise the importance of volunteering, to attract attention of individuals to what is happening now and how we can work together to make a bigger difference.
Tillmann Heidelk
President of Young European Leadership
It’s very valuable for connecting people, for connecting initiatives, for connecting thoughts, for inspiring.
David Chikvaidze
Chef de Cabinet of the Director-General of the United Nations Office at Geneva
The Conference is definitely necessary and plays an important role, because it combines different approaches at the same time: it’s volunteering, networking of people from different fields, collaboration of people of different age: from school boys to elderly people.
Namrata Gurung
PhD student in Physics at ETH Zurich, Secretary of Asha Zurich
It was incredibly done. The Conference motivates us to act, to take our projects to a whole new level, so I believe that collaboration with such people gives us invaluable experience.
Francesco Pisano
Director of the United Nations Library at Geneva
The conference was held by joint efforts of people. And, what is more important, is that participants achieve the Sustainable Development Goals within the framework of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is very important to hold such events in order to join together the necessary forces to achieve these goals.
Till Kreamer
Co-Founder and General Manager of Inter Cultural Education Limited
Very international, very beautiful, very nice professionally held.
Helen Sykes
Chief Executive at Helm Training
My team and I had a most enjoyable time. We understand the immense time and effort it takes to put this together and take care of everyone in the way that you did – you all did a fantastic job of organising and taking care of us all.


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